Pi Phi’s and their Favorite Things

A big thank you to Cat Hennessy and Virginia Schwanaeur for planning our Favorite Things get-together at Ouisie’s! We had lots of fun catching up and meeting new friends and hearing about all our favorite things. Check out all the fabulous favorite things shared at our event:
  • Switch 2 Pure lip gloss, facial soap, and konjac sponge
  • Trader Joe’s hyaluronic acid body lotion
  • Beauty Counter C Serum
  • Miraval Rose
  • Pasta kit with olive oil & truffle salt
  • Tiki party package with bamboo cocktail napkins, two tiki glasses, paper umbrellas and Easy Tiki book
  • Holiday Juliska plate
  • Candied jalepenos by JED
  • Jewelry cleaner by Lindsay Leigh of Houston Diamond Girl
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost City Shield moisturizer
  • Makeup erasers
  • Clairin’s extra firming and clay rebalancing facial masks
  • Patchology eye patches
  • Goodr sunglasses
  • Notes to Self no show socks
  • Soy wax red currant candle
  • Hester & Cook paper placemats
  • Color Streaks gels stick on nail strips
  • Tyler Candle Co. candle in Dolce Vita
  • Yeti coffee mug
  • Purity wireless earbuds
  • Chic wrap fancy food wrap
  • Children’s Art Project wrapping paper and cards
  • Sylvania micro dot lights
  • EOS French lavender hand sanitizer
  • Clear large golf umbrella
  • Goldfish

Blazing A Trail Proceeds Keep Our Funding Flowing

The Foundation would like to give thanks to all the Pi Phi alums who bought tickets to the Blazing a Trail Luncheon ... it was a sellout and we are able to help our philanthropies during this difficult time when they are desperately needing our support. [read more...]

2020 Recuitment

Click here to see our new recruits.

Legacy Status Changes

Grand Council has decided chapters will be allowed to choose from three legacy courtesy options for the 2020-2021 academic year. Allowing chapters a choice provides the Fraternity opportunity to collect relevant information to shape future policy. These options are as follows:
  1. Follow existing legacy procedures. These chapters will invite all legacies to the first invitational round and if invited to Preference, legacies will be placed at the top of the bid list.
  2. Eliminate the top of the bid list courtesy but keep the first-round invitation courtesy. These chapters will invite legacies to the first invitational round.
  3. Eliminate the top of the bid list courtesy and the first-round invitation courtesy. These chapters will consider legacies just as they consider any other PNM for membership. These chapters will meet the requirements of the Constitution and Statutes special consideration by identifying all legacies for members of the chapter prior to the start of recruitment.

To help answer your questions, Pi Phi National has developed a page of Frequently Asked Questions they expect to evolve over time. This page provides you direction on where to get more information should you desire.

Updates on Pi Beta Phi’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion can be found at pibetaphi.org/dei.

Chapter Support

Thanks to all who made chapter support donations. This money goes to help with recruitment and events – helping fill in with whatever the chapter needs. This year, we have provided popsicles, flowers, bid day food and Insomnia Cookies. Keep supporting your chapters!

To make a donation, Venmo @houstonpiphi and in the "what's this for" section, put chapter support for (your chapter). If there is a code request, it is 0966.  

This is what has been collected to-date:

  • LSU –$200
  • Ole Miss – $
  • SMU – $735
  • Texas Tech – $1,045
  • Baylor – $125
  • UT – $1,375
  • A&M – $765
  • OU – $185
  • University of Missouri – $50

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